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Marc Mezvinsky has two children with wife Chelsea Clinton - a daughter named Charlotte and son named Aidan.Many try to find photos of Mezvinsky and Clinton online, but haven't been able to locate Instagram accounts, so we've collected their best photos together.

Guests boarded buses in Rhinebeck to be taken to Astor Courts about 5 pm EDT (2200 GMT).

Chelsea Clinton, 30, and Mezvinsky, 32, have known each other since they were teenagers. Chelsea Clinton, who worked at a New York hedge fund and has more recently studied health policy at Columbia University, has kept a low profile since her father left the White House in January 2001, although she campaigned for her mother during her failed run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

Unfortunately, Mezvinsky's father was not at the wedding because his relationship with his family was very strained due to acts of fraud.

Edward Mezvinsky served five years in prison after being convicted of 31 charges of felony fraud in 2001.

actor Scott Baio took to Facebook to share some new “discoveries” he had unearthed about the Clinton family.