Checksum mismatch while updating tortoise

In most cases, tests covering very simple modules do not fare well against these criteria.

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Alex has done some pioneering work on the testing of stored procedures over four years, and has learned a great deal in the process.

In this article, he spells out the lessons learned from a wealth of experience in Unit Testing T-SQL.

In Agile environments, where change is frequent and the team expects a rapid response to these changes, it is particularly important to have efficient and comprehensive test harnesses.

Even under the best circumstances, a useful test harness requires a lot of effort to create and maintain and, unfortunately, it is particularly challenging to unit test T-SQL modules because: This means that automated tests for T-SQL modules require extra care, in order to get them right, and if we do not do it right, our test harness may be prohibitively slow to run, or very brittle and expensive to modify.

The transformation phase of this process is far from trivial, so it takes considerable time to understand what it is doing.