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The films must maintain an appropriate level of sensitivity and historical accuracy while taking enough artistic license to produce a work that will adequately impact viewers and inspire them to learn the lessons of how genocide and anti-semitism blot out humanity.

Films like The Pianist and Schindler's List are controversial and shocking--and those are among the most critically acclaimed movies based on events from the Holocaust.

As if breaking taboos one after another isn't enough, the film even tries to have relevance to current events and trips on itself some more.

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After narrowly escaping death, young Rachel Rosenthal becomes part of the Jewish resistance, assuming the name Ellis de Vries.

Her superiors order her to seduce a Gestapo officer named Ludwig.

Most disgusting was the way the film delved into moral ambiguity.

Nazi Captain Ludwig Muntze (Sebastian Koch) was portrayed as a respectable, quiet stamp collector.

They frame the story in the proper historical and emotional context.