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During her last stint in jail Sytch claimed to have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, one of the most deadly cancers among women with close to a third of women diagnosed will succumb to the disease.

Sytch has been in rehab numerous times including back-to-back stints paid for by the WWE but the WWE issued a statement saying they would no longer provide treatment for Sytch since “it obviously isn’t working.” A number of DVDs were released by various companies during the time Sytch was having her legal trouble and battling her addictions.

Throughout her time in college, she also worked as a freelance photographer and remained supportive of Candido’s wrestling aspirations.

All of her ambitions would forever take a different path though, when in late-1992, Sytch agreed to work for Smoky Mountain Wrestling, a Tennessee-based promotion run by Jim Cornette.

Sytch was a wrestling fan growing up, so they made a great pairing.