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He played a key role on an FP7 EU grant on fatty liver disease leading a consortium tasked with redefining steatohepatitis for diagnostic epidemiological purposes. Age as a Confounding Factor for the Accurate Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Advanced NAFLD Fibrosis. Mc Pherson, S., Wilkinson, N., Tiniakos, D., Wilkinson, J., Burt, A., Mc Coll, E., .

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He played a pivotal role in establishing the principal cell type involved in fibrogenesis is the hepatic stellate cell and was the first to characterise their cell kinetics in the response to injury establishing that there is not only proliferation of these cells in response to necrosis but a phenotypic modulation to myofibroblast-like cell.

He was among the first to utilise isolated cell preparations of stellate cells to characterise properties such as collagen production and to examine the effects of cytokines responsible for activating these cells. A randomised controlled trial of losartan as an anti-fibrotic agent in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Alhasan, S., Haugk, B., Ogle, L., Beale, G., Long, A., Burt, A., .

DNA-PK- A candidate driver of hepatocarcinogenesis and tissue biomarker that predicts response to treatment and survival. Bedossa, P., Burt, A., Brunt, E., Callea, F., Clouston, A., Dienes, H., .

Well-differentiated hepatocellular neoplasm of uncertain malignant potential - Reply.

In parallel with basic studies of fibrogenesis he has been involved in applied studies of surrogate markers of fibrogenesis and this has led to the development of algorithms of serum markers that represent an effective means of monitoring fibrosis in individual patients.