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Or is that something that should be looked at in connection to someone or another's human trafficking scheme? Most of what you're reading is fanfiction.79494033 I expect a really violent backlash against Islam and the EU honestly.

79493863 It's part of the satanic rule book of lesser magick. When you look at how the EU tries to fully disarm us while flooding us with shitskins, it's terryfing.

22, 2016) Facebook Censorship To post this article on Facebook, link to the Tiny Url seen below. If they dont COMPLETELY fry everyone involved, its going to happen again. I'm just so upset by these poor people who we have oppressed and racismed so much, it is our DUTY to return them to their ancestral homelands where they will be free of our disgusting prejudicial pernicious racism 79491196 they would also control the high technology military, now with robots also, they might not need overt control, just access to the leaders to let the populace feel they are in charge whilst really they are being controlled How likely is that, since he has so much invested in its succes?

I'll join if the world makes it out of this long enough to elect Trump. Strategy works by having multiple games runnign at the same time, assessing the realistic probabilities of each scenario, and acting accordingly. In my previous jobs I worked with russian war games, but I did not do much with the Eurozone. Do you know what Russia's ambitions are towards Eastern Europe? Do you know of any effort to create a Euro Maidan kind of situation/revolution in Poland like they did in Ukraine? My question is, when will we get a concrete answer on that front?

But my buddy told me once that Europe will experience a cultural backlash, which, unless they manage to violently oust Islam which will require a great force, local whites will flee to the US. Will the FBI call a press conference to lie to the public that they wont advise indicting, or will the Director speak with Lynch in private and then she relays what course of action is taken?

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79492080 About that thing in the solar system currently that no one is supposed to know about. 79492080 What would Russia or the chinks hope to do in the USA? When an agent swears an oath to protect and serve the public, they can not put aside that oath to "save themselves", history will remember any agent who leaks the findings as hero79491269 Russia is a threat. If a civil war broke out, 100% certainty China and Russia would get involved. I'd be hella worried about that if I were in government, corruption or no. I mean, even if we humor your argument that aliens are real and the Jews are trying to dominate the world, it won't be accepted by the public as credible no mater how much truth about CF you intermingle with it. So far they have promised evidence that Bush did 9/11, faking of the moon landing and Clinton corruption evidence and have provided none.79493218 I've been here since the fucking beginning. This is just some faggot who loves attention with none of the correct verbiage. Also, the soccer cup we won recently is legit, r-right?