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Primarily these consist of the most important allusions at Qumran (a term 'scholars' generally use when referring to the Scrolls).

These include references such as ',' alluded to twice in the document called "The Community Rule" at Qumran and one of the first douments found there in Cave I; and, as is generally well known, associated with the teaching and coming of John the Baptist '') and perhaps the central Scriptural building block of early Christian theology as set forth by Paul in Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews and, of course, in James.

That leaves us only Vespasian and his son Titus to satisfy this characterization who did, in fact, plunder the Temple in 70 CE and used the proceeds afterwards to pay for the abomination, now famously referred to worldwide as ' than this extremely telling allusion and this is what is meant by a proper appreciation of 'the internal data' being frustrated or rendered meaningless by inept and/or over-inflated claims for and reliance upon '' (known to have been carried out by the Romans) and the wholesale and wanton destruction wrought by these foreign invaders.

It has likewise been pointed out by numerous commentators - but seemingly to little avail - that this is Roman military practice, not Hellenistic or Greek - and, specifically, Imperial Roman military practice from Augustus' time forward since the Emperor, whose bust was on the standards, had commencing in that period been deified and worshipped as a God.

Several references are absolutely critical for the correct elucidation of this seemingly purposefully obscure allusion and archaism.