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You still have the "classic" top bar where some functions are always present regardless of which Ribbon tab you are on.

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So, if I am in some other tab and need to switch to another window, I have to go to the first tab first. Currently, I am using NX and I felt at home with the UI.

But I have to say, Solid Work's UI is the best out of all three. The last version I used was 2010 but I suspect it hasn't changed a dying software thanks to Dassault.

It was just not intuitive and did not "flow" for me even after 2 years.

I curse it every time I need to switch between windows inside Solid Edge because the function to switch windows is under the first tab and the last tab (if my recollection is correct).

Si Best regards Simon NX MP8 and NX 8.5 (native) - TC 8 com The ribbon interface is coming from 2 directions. Since John's pictures don't show up when I view Eng-Tips at work, I have not seen what he posted.