Candidating for ministry dating email to email in america

I will initiate an open and direct conversation with my colleague(s) to enter a mutually agreed covenant, expressed in a Letter of Understanding, about their participation in the life of the congregation.

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As an alternative, or should the direct approach not achieve the desired result, a Chapter Good Offices Person (GOP) should be consulted. The relationship of a congregation with its minister(s) can only be understood with reference to both the autonomy and the mutual accountability of congregational polity.

A GOP is initially neutral, advising the member, and exploring the possibility of an informal resolution of the concern. Therefore there can be no rigid standardization of parish-minister relations.

I will acknowledge the reality of power differences based on defined responsibilities and authority within congregations, agencies or enterprises.

I will acknowledge the reality of privilege arising from differences of social location and historical marginalization.

As necessary I will describe appropriate channels of communications to members seeking to express concerns.