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Hettie was the daughter of James Troy Mc Peek and Julia Ann Austin. Martha was the daughter of William Jefferson Baker and Mary Agnes Mullins.

Campbell’s paternal grandmother was Helen Agnes Slemp (the daughter of Judge Campbell Slemp and Martha Helen Baker). Campbell’s maternal grandfather was Ferdinand Augustus “Fred” Dewhurst (the son of Edward Rosenorn Dewhurst and Sarah Latimer).

Campbell’s paternal grandfather was George Dewey Scott (the son of William Henderson Scott and Hettie Mc Peak/Mc Peek).

William was the son of Lilburn Jackson Scott and Mary Caroline Berry.

Scott saved everyone by obliterating the object with another blast, but the bystanders believed that he had tried to kill them and rallied into an angry mob. Scott was drawn to a mutant criminal named Jack Winters, also known as the Jack O'Diamonds.