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She was outside by herself, but her Dad works from home with a window facing the front and the temperature was in the high 50s today.

The default Camera app that ships with your i Phone (or i Pad, or i Pod Touch) has gained in creative features over its lifetime, but it's still only functional at best, even on recent models like the i Phone 6S and i Phone 6S Plus.

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The dedicated macro mode deserves a mention too, with Camera 's viewfinder zoom and focus slider making it one of the easiest apps with which to nail a close-up.

The post processing tools in the lightbox are most comprehensive, with a well-considered selection of presets and filters if only a quick fix is required.

Price: £1.49 / US$1.99 / AU$2.99: Forget it, Siri, you're dead to me. Aidie, or 'Artificial Intelligence Derived ISO and Exposure' to give her full name, is the backronym given to Night Cap Pro's processing engine, making sure your i Phone camera takes as beautiful shots in low light as it does during the daytime.

Aidie makes long exposures simple, has a couple of super-sensitive high-ISO modes up her sleeve and some clever processing tricks to remove unwanted noise.

Price: £1.49 / US$1.99 / AU$2.99Custom Cam is another app that exposes most of the i Phone camera's innards to the photographer.