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M&W has added a keypad that allows drivers to log out of the system when the truck is parked and the brake engaged.

Vincent says there were some driver concerns at Melton, but found that communicating up front how the system worked, how it triggers and where the video clip ends up was important to driver acceptance.

For instance, if the video recorder is activated because the truck hit a pothole that shakes the cab, that video would not be sent to the fleet.

In addition to the device’s accelerometer, video can be saved when there are alerts from other safety systems such as collision avoidance or lane departure warning. Safety Track, Bellevue, Mich., recently introduced a new line of live streaming cameras that allow fleet managers to stream live video while their vehicles are on the road.

The devices typically have a forward lens focused on what is happening outside of the truck and an inside lens that looks at the driver and passenger.