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They will have to discover what their new mission, "Save Paz" (Emilia Attias), the daughter of Nico and Cielo, is a restless, disobedient girl with a maternal, liberal and protective spirit who falls in love with Camilo Estrella (Mariano Torre), his great love since girl In this season Juan Cruz not being able to prevent the birth of Paz, will try to kill it 22 years later, entering the body of Caridad, in order to be able to return to Eudamón.To all this, it will be added the confrontation against the dictatorial government to the control of the Chief of Ministers, who happens to be Luz Inchausti (Mercedes Funes), the younger sister of Cielo.

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The boys who manage to escape this sinister plan are considered as "savages", because together they do everything possible so that each of their friends recover their memory clandestinely without the Chief of Ministers, Luz, realize. Jay who hides his identity until the last chapters of the season.

The kids will learn to be Almost Angels knowing and learning more about their mistakes. The show had eight main actors throughout its four seasons: Emilia Attias, Nicolás Vázquez, Mariano Torre, Peter Lanzani, Lali Espósito, Eugenia Suárez, Gastón Dalmau, Nicolás Riera, Julia Calvo, Candela Vetrano, Agustín Sierra, Mercedes Funes and Jimena Barón.

The first season told the story of the orphans named Marianella "Mar" Talarico Rinaldi (Lali Espósito), Ramiro "Rama" Ordóñez (Gastón Dalmau), Juan "Tacho" Morales (Nicolás Riera), Jazmin "Jaz" Romero (Eugenia Suárez), Monito/Mateo (Nazareno Antón), Aleli Ordóñez (Guadalupe Antón) and Léon "Lleca" Benitez (Stefano di Gregorio), who are exploited by the evil Bartolomé Bedoya Agüero (Alejo García Pintos) and his housekeeper Justina Merarda García (Julia Calvo) at the BB Foundation, located in the Inchausti Mansion, which hides a great secret.

There everything changes when Cielo Mágico/Ángeles Inchausti (Emilia Attías), a acrobat of circus, and Nicolás Bauer (Nicolás Vázquez), an archaeologist, who will help to the guys of the foundation and Thiago Bedoya Agüero (Juan Pedro Lanzani), the son of Bartolomé, to discover the truth and above all they will change their lives for good and forever.

The third season, which aired in Argentina in April 2009 and ended on December 3, with an average of 13.9 rating points, in its 140 issues, was the most viewed season.