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– FIX time display issue with hh:mm AM/PM – FIX yearly occurence counter 3.4.2: – FIX crash at initial setup – FIX issue with Due Today default tags filtering – FIX issue with Astrid Clone tags filtering – FIX settings import/export : task list filtering – FIX settings import/export : calendar selection – FIX issue with Verizon 4.4.4 Moto devices with scrollable mode – IMPROVED performances and cpu usage 3.4.1: – IMPROVE duplicates filtering – FIX duration display – FIX APK manifest error – FIX Android Lollipop issue 3.4.0: – FIX import settings 3.3.9: – NEW auto export last configuration – FIX Samsung auto widget removal bug 3.3.8: – FIX skin manager crash – FIX recurring event deletion crash – FIX issue with calendars with full day events & different timezone than current timezone 3.3.6: – REVERT TO PREVIOUS ANDROID SDK …

too many widget size issues 3.3.5: – FIX widget size issue with Android 4.x 3.3.4: – FIX refresh issue with daily viewer – FIX info panel crash – IMPROVE soft option menu display – FIX Touch Down calendar list 3.3.3: – IMPROVE application picker. – NEW support Calengoo task priority feature – FIX inline dates and time with tasks due dates 3.0.7: – FIX widget text bottom cut for Nexus 4 3.0.6: – FIX ‘ask each time’ for event/task insertion – FIX daily view ‘ ’ for event/task insertion – FIX ‘s for birthdays and anniversaries 3.0.5: – FIX year/anniversary counters – FIX ‘ask each time’ for task creation – FIX short time format like ‘a’ 3.0.4: – NEW option to use custom language for the config and widget display – NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets 3.0.3: – FIX FATAL BUG 3.0.2: – NEW support event color change (if your device support it – Jelly Bean required) 3.0.1: – FIX day viewer size in landscape – FIX date string format for october and 2 digits – FIX text event color according to source color – FIX recurring and full days event details view – FIX storage folder creation issue 3.0.0: – NEW option to adjust text line width – FIX QEI width – FIX Jelly Bean colors – IMPROVE general QEI rendering (more ICS style) – IMPROVE data picker 2.9.9: – NEW allow system app picking for app launch – FIX insertion of repeating events on Android 4.x – FIX widget focus on Home rotation – UDPATE some translation 2.9.8: – NEW can display birthdays AND anniversaries (update birthday plugin) – IMPROVE popups panels to more ICS looking – UDPATE some translation 2.9.7: – FIX ‘Launch null’ if ‘ask each time is selected for the ‘ ’ button – FIX tags/list filtering issue for Touch Down – IMPROVE line text cut in scrollable mode – ADD & UPDATE translations 2.9.6: – IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue 2.9.5: – NEW My Phone Explorer task manager support – FIX quick actions images issues 2.9.4: – NEW options to edit data separators – NEW support ‘%%mm’ to display 2 digits month number – IMPROVE calendar selector – IMPROVE config theme – FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors) – FIX date editor size issue 2.9.3: – NEW include new official 2012 skin (ask when reconfiguring, or enable/disable it in system tab) – NEW allow setting export naming – FIX contact birthday tap issue – FIX home timezone option with TZ having 30 minutes shift 2.9.2: – FIX settings export – FIX timezone selection crash 2.9.1: – NEW Home timezone option for travels – FIX Galaxy Note filling issue – FIX QEI with seconds and milliseconds problems 2.9.0: – NEW and updated translations – REMOVE contact permission and publish ‘Birthdays for Pure widgets’ plugin to extract birthdays from your contact book.

It can display : – agenda events from Google agenda, Motorola Exchange, LG Exchange and Touch Down Exchange – tasks from Calen Goo (Google Tasks sync), Astrid (Google Tasks sync), Tick Tick (Google Tasks sync), Tasks Team (Google Tasks sync), My Phone Explorer (Outlook direct sync), Ultimate To-Do List (Google Tasks and Toodle Do sync), Task Sync (Exchange 2007/2011 sync), Dato Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), SSi Gtasks (Google Tasks sync), Got To Do (Toodle Do sync), Touch Down Exchange, DGT DGT (Toodle Do sync), Pocket Informant 2/3 (Toodle Do sync), Informant, Open Tasks (Webdav, Caldav)…

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