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She then escaped by coming to the is a sovereign member of the United Nation and a competent signatory to the above international instruments against child abuse; the intolerable social phenomenon is on the steady increase in the country.In fact, it is absurd to note that millions of Nigerian children are subjected daily to all forms of abuse ranging from trafficking to slavery and forced The 'anti human trafficking piracy special Investigation unit' of the FCT police command has so far rescued 105 teenagers between the ages of five to thirteen years from human traffickers, in different places in Abuja., some of these victims are used for rituals, begging and even for organ transplantation or money laundering.

What impact has the creation of National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) made in efforts to combat these ugly development, as well as the National Assembly?

, said since they were brought in by the police, they had not been fed or allowed to take their bath, saying they were detained with hardened criminals and the girls made to pass the night in the same cells with boys."In the South-West, a greater number of girls and women end up in prostitution, while in the East, the problem affects mainly boys who find themselves trafficking into agricultural, domestic, trading and apprenticeship jobs," the report said.

Most of the girls prostitutes on the rented portions of roads and their clients often have sex with them in the bush or in their cars.

The girls, , the girls are expected to pay about 516 Euros to their madams per month to rent the roadside spot there they wait for clients in extreme weather conditions.

While most trafficking into the commercial sex trade involves young adult women, minors including some children under 16 are also exploited. What are the methods employed by traffickers to lure/recruit their victims?

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