Byu dating tips

Additionally, having a consistent time to come up with personal things to work on helps me to try new things and feel like we’re helping each other to become better people without forcing change.

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We even wrote down a list of things we hoped the relationship would be like.

(Tygan: This “contract” that we wrote included things like “We are allowed to make mistakes,” “A date shall occur at least once a week,” and “We will have Nerf battles, play with chalk, and do childish things (in a totally responsible and mature manner).”) Now, during inventory we take turns saying things that we appreciate the other doing that week and things that we love about each other.

Obviously every relationship in marriage, in dating, in everything, is improved by good communication.

But Diana and Tygan point out some excellent, practical ways that companionship inventory has helped them. I’m more than a bit intimidated to be writing next to all the great couples posting here at A Thing Called Love, which is one reason it took so long for me to put this post together!

Companionship inventory when dating is a little different than when married: for starters, you don’t know each other as well, and more importantly, you both have to accept that dating relationships can be rather tenuous.