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Please encourage the authors of Your Favorite Mail Client to respect List- headers, or train yourself to use the "Reply-To-All" command (available in every email client) when ever you want to reply to all parties; note that this works even on CC'ed / non-mailinglist email, too. The search tool we were using isn't supported anymore and isn't compatible with more current software. In the meantime, you can use Google and include A: Some people sign up to a mirror of the Gnu Cash mailing lists, rather than the Gnu Cash lists themselves.A mirror is a separate server which duplicates the content of another.A bug report with an attached well-written patch is more likely to get applied quickly.

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Describe as clearly and completely as possible why the enhancement will be useful to a broad range of users and provide as much detail as possible about how you think it should work.

You have two objectives: To sell the developers on spending their very limited time on implementing your idea and explaining to them as completely as possible what it is that you want. There aren't very many developers, and there's a lot of work to do.

The Gnu Cash project uses a self-signed digital certificate to protect your access to the mailing lists site at [1].

This is necessary because the site asks you to type in your email address, and maybe a couple of other things, when you sign up.

If you have signed up at more than one server, you will need to unsubscribe at them all to stop receiving mail.