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He was hauled out alive, but that's why I'm mincing around like a drunken heron - because I don't want to pitch in (Oh, what a Gawd-awful pun! OK, much of the 98-acre lake, containing 10 million metric tons of pitch, presents a not particularly impressive or attractive blackish surface likened by many to a parking lot.

The 'mother of the lake' refers to the parts where this softish, rubbery, resinous surface gives way to the viscous, glossy black goo, producing the same effect as quicksand, thank you very much.

What does a hummingbird and a tar baby have in common?

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Our results demonstrate the necessity to independently radiocarbon date each taxon.

The insect paleoclimate interpretations were compared to regional pollen data, primarily from various southern Californian sites including Lake Elsinore and Santa Barbara Basin.

Rigorously studied and dated Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental reconstructions from Ranch La Brea (RLB) and the Los Angeles Basin are scarce.

Here, we use data from AMS radiocarbon dated insect fragments to infer local climates over the past 50,000 years.

However, it wasn't only his relationship with Munn that was scrutinized.