Brea dating

As he made it clear to , the spotlight only makes it more challenging to maintain a relationship.

However, it wasn't only his relationship with Munn that was scrutinized.

After his younger brother Jordan Rodgers revealed a family rift while competing on the 12th season of , his family life was thrust into the spotlight and speculation swirled.

But Queen's Park Savannah, 260 acres of parkland once used for growing sugar and pasturing cattle, now jokingly known as the world's largest roundabout with a 2.2-mile perimetre road, still retains its charm.

Gingerbread mansions from the late Victorian and Edwardian eras like Queen's Royal College, the château-like Roomor, and Stollmeyer's Castle, a purported Balmoral Castle look-alike, grace its western border, while the Grand Stand on the southern side forms a focal point for Trinidad's world-famous annual carnival.

As you drive down from the mountainous north to La Brea at the 1-841-square-mile island's south-west end, the jungle peaks give way to gently rolling, wooded country.