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On the other hand, in the referred area, an extraordinary amount of human and Pleistocene mammal footprints are registered.

Also in that section, four diachronic stages have been registered which depict the evolutionary scenario during the last five million years.

In 1887, he stated that Lo que aumenta extraordinariamente la importancia del yacimiento de Monte Hermoso, es la presencia del hombre conjuntamente con una fauna singular, revelada tanto por algunos pedernales y huesos toscamente tallados cuanto por la existencia de fogones en distintos niveles de la barranca, engastados en capas de arcilla, de los que con trabajo he podido arrancar fragmentos para llevar al Museo de La Provincia en La Plata [The importance of the Monte Hermoso deposit is the presence of man, together with such a singular fauna, both revealed in flints and bones grossly carved, the existence of campfires at different cliff levels and mounted in clay layers from which I was able to take fragments to take to the Museo de La Provincia en La Plata] (Ameghino , which he considered to be an ancestor of humans.

Thus, I cannot help but think of Bahia Blanca as being as important to the development of Darwin’s thinking as his much more famous visit to the Galapagos Islands three years later!

Fifty years later, that interest in Monte Hermoso cliff was revived by Florentino Ameghino, who considered that there was enough proof in the Monte Hermoso cliff to demonstrate the evolution of different mammals, including human beings.

The high number of either human or animal footprints is the most remarkable aspect of this group of archeological and paleontological sites.

In spite of the extensive span of time considered and the geographic, climatic, and biologically important changes that occurred, the same formation conditions and erosive processes were amazingly repeated to allow the preservation and exposition of footprints of different origin and age.

The substratum should be wet for the footprint to be imprinted; afterwards, it has to dry and be covered with sediment of different composition within a brief period of time.