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A total clean-out of the board and management of the Commonwealth Bank, a complete rethink of the role of our financial institutions, or a subjective investigation on the impact of new technology and whether it can replace human involvement? Let's not be under any illusions about how and why this latest scandal has erupted.There is no way to understate the extent of the latest allegations against the Commonwealth Bank of Australia; ignoring money laundering for drug syndicates, turning a blind eye to terrorism financing and abjectly ignoring statutory reporting responsibilities for more than three years on three quarters of a million accounts. The CBA, like its competitors, has been on a mission for years to shave costs, shed staff and boost profits to feed the money-making machines that Australian banks have become.Perhaps that is because the CBA, with a deposit limit four times the size of its rivals, was the institution of choice for terrorists and criminal syndicates.

Hats off to Hunter Douglas Platinum™ Technology.

The newest addition to the Platinum family, the Gateway and Repeater System was recognized by Electronic House, an important industry magazine, in its 2014 Products of the Year competition.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has spent a huge amount of political capital, at the big banks' insistence, to thwart calls for a royal commission.

From the Government's viewpoint, that has not simply been a wasted effort — it is a strategy that will come back to bite it.

The Platinum Gateway and Repeater System was the only winner in the motorized window treatments category.