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fame), is an Anime First series that ran as part of the Fall 2012 Anime lineup.

Expected to only be a niche anime, it has turned out to be the sleeper hit of 2012 and was a consistent Top 5 performer in Japan.

Notes: Perfectly serviceable and well-maintained aside from the anomaly.

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Japanese voice packs starring the cast were also released, and there is a video of Mai Fuchigami, Miho's Japanese voice actress, getting a crash course in the game.

Another video from Wargaming recreates battles from the anime in the game. This will be a series of six 40-minute OVAs instead of a TV series, starting with a theatrical release of the first part on December 9, 2017.

Clockwise from top left: Hana Isuzu (gunner), Miho Nishizumi (commander), Saori Takebe (radio operator), Yukari Akiyama (loader), and Mako Reizei (driver).

In the background: The schoolship of Ōarai Girls' Academy. Miho Nishizumi is a young scion of a legendary Sensha-do family who, due to a past trauma, has become reluctant to pilot tanks and transferred away from Kuromorimine Women's College, where her family has made a name, into Ōarai Girls' Academy, a little-known school docked in a little town of the same name, which has not fielded a Sensha-do team for the last twenty years.

Date of Recovery: ██-██-████ Location of Recovery: ███████, ███████ Current Status: Incinerated.