Blackberry curve 8520 not updating

One other item to consider when selecting a Bluetooth GPS receiver is whether you want a rechargeable unit (e.g.

De Lorme Bluelogger, Pharos i GPS, ALK Co Pilot, etc) or a combo unit (e.g. A combo unit is rechargeable but can also accept AAA batteries.

With a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a piece of double-sided Velco, you can temporarily mount your GPS receiver to the top of the golf cart (i.e. That way, the GPS receiver is always pointing up to the sky for the best reception.

In addition, should you decide to walk out on fairway, you can always remove the GPS receiver from the cart and take it with you (i.e. Also, since you haven't added anything physical to your handheld, your handheld will most likely fit into the cup holder of your golf cart.

that have a satellite icon next to them in the Intelli Golf course database), you will begin receiving distances within a few seconds (once you're on the golf course). This means that you have some excellent options in selecting the best GPS receiver for your handheld and/or situation.