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Whatever school she worked at, that’s what school I went to. Not just people who just have a deep, country-sounding accent.

I got an older brother and sister and two little brothers. I get kinda treated like the prototype and the baby. I had heard about the Vibe Tribe—and I just didn’t know my pops was in it.

I’m the oldest of my mom’s kids but I’m the youngest of my dad’s kids.

Across the state, 880 thefts were reported, which is about a 23 percent decrease from 2014, when more than 1,000 thefts were reported.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke on Thursday applauded efforts by both advocates and law enforcement to improve the process of reporting sexual assault and keeping campuses safer.

It also comes as some advocates push for a new definition of consent — a shift from the traditional "no means no" mantra to "yes means yes." The number of reported sexual assaults is still in single digits for most major universities.