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Also, this list is only meant for heterosexual women. But I recognize that a large percentage of gay men have a different perspective on life than the average heterosexual guy. 2) he doesn’t make much money, but he’s incredibly happy to spend your money.

3) he doesn’t make any money, but he enjoys drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes using your money.

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What a guy tells you and what he tells his buddies can sometimes be bewilderingly different.

That’s why it’s important that you also screen his friends.

Well, he uses 4 different kinds of soap and 3 different expensive anti-wrinkle creams. And the funny thing is that I have never seen a relationship really work in the long-term where the guy is more concerned about his looks than you are about yours. The place I do completely draw the line is hitting a woman with a closed fist (unless she happens to be built like a professional wrestler). And the truth is that on rare occasions people lose complete control and do absolutely and ridiculously stupid things. Is it possible that a guy could become so enraged that he hits a woman once or twice (but not repeatedly)?

If a guy is so self-centered as to spend that kind of money (especially if it’s your money) on facial stuff, then that means he considers himself more important than you. What if he just found out that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with his best friend?

If he just compliments you when he needs money or sex, then get away from him.