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It is intended to be simple to use by a wide variety of professionals at both national and local levels.These include primarily transport planners, traffic engineers and special interest groups working on transport, walking, cycling or the environment.This is a projection; for this you need only data on the current levels of cycling in your city.

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The affiliations of some of the participants have changed during this project, and the affiliations are listed as they were at the time.

Karim Abu-Omar, Lars Bo Andersen, Hugh Ross Anderson, Finn Berggren, Olivier Bode, Tegan Boehmer, Nils-Axel Braathen, Hana Bruhova-Foltynova, Fiona Bull, Dushy Clarke, Andy Cope, Baas de Geus, Audrey de Nazelle, Ardine de Wit, Hywell Dinsdale, Rune Elvik, Mark Fenton, Jonas Finger, Francesco Forastiere, Richard Fordham, Virginia Fuse, Eszter Füzeki, Frank George, Regine Gerike, Eva Gleissenberger, George Georgiadis, Anna Goodman, Maria Hagströmer, Mark Hamer, Eva Heinen, Thiago Herick de Sa, Marie-Eve Heroux, Max Herry, Gerard Hoek, Luc Int Panis, Nicole Iroz-Elardo, Meleckidzedeck Khayesi, Michal Krzyzanowski, I-Min Lee, Christoph Lieb, Brian Martin, Markus Maybach, Irina Mincheva Kovacheva, Hanns Mooshammer, Marie Murphy, Nanette Mutrie, Bhash Naidoo, Daisy Narayanan, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Åse Nossum, Laura Perez, Randy Rzewnicki, David Rojas Rueda, Gabe Rousseau, Candace Rutt, Kjartan Saelensminde, Elin Sandberg, Alexander Santacreu, Lucinda Saunders, Daniel Sauter, Peter Schantz, Tom Schmid, Christoph Schreyer, Christian Schweizer, Peter Schnohr, Nino Sharashidze, Jan Sørensen, Joe Spadaro, Gregor Starc, Dave Stone, Marko Tainio, Robert Thaler, Miles Tight, Sylvia Titze, Wanda Wendel Vos, Paul Wilkinson, Mulugeta Yilma.

You will need to decide whether you want to imagine e.g.

a doubling in the number of people cycling; a doubling of distance cycled; or a doubling of days per week cycled.

For example ‘if people use the path once a week we find x whereas if they use it three times a week we find y’. So this is again a before and after situation (i.e.