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Todd knew when he first met Rebecca that he was attracted to her, but he tucked that away because she was unavailable.They worked together nights at a high-end restaurant in St. They could make each other laugh, and the banter helped slow nights go faster.You can work out issues because you place a high value on the relationship.

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When you face difficulty, as a couple or an individual, the respect and trust of friendship will be what carries you through. With your true friends you have relationships that include all the following factors: Even if your lists of “best things ever” are not identical, you have common ground between you—from favorite sports or hobbies to parenting styles…and anything in between.

You will not be serious friends with someone whose core values are at odds with yours.

).◊♦◊So if all the above is true of friendships, what better foundation for a truly successful love relationship than friendship?

What are some clear benefits to you when you are friends first?

Can you be silly together and giggle like fools while reading damnyouautocorrect.com? Can you watch dumb movies on Netflix and eat Fritos? But you will also have those deep, long talks about things that matter profoundly to both of you.