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Lindsay Aerts, host of The Mom Show on KSL Radio, and I sat down to talk about how to manage painful feelings during a time when you’re “supposed” to be merry.Download free chapter of Assertiveness Guide for Women Are you feeling overwhelmed by high expectations and “shoulds”?I sat down with Lindsay Aerts, host of KSL Radio’s The Mom Show to share tips for moms to prevent holiday burnout.

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My sister is going through a divorce and asked to move in with us until she can get back on her feet.

My own marriage is strained, and having her in the house would ratchet up the pressure even more. In the center is you, then your spouse and kids, then your extended family, then friends, then acquaintances,” says Hanks. You are saying no to save your marriage, not because you are a bad sister.” There are many other great tips for saying no in the New Year.

One in which both partners feel connected, valued, and loved. Relating to someone else because you’ve gone through something similar?

From my 20 years of experience as a clinical counselor, I’ve found that fostering the skill of can really make all the difference for couples. I like the research of Theresa Wiseman, who helps us understand empathy by breaking it down into these 4 parts: More Marriage is one of the most important relationships, but it can also be one of the most confusing!

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