Aspie dating an aspie

In the Autism/Aspergers world, I’m what is known as a neurotypical or NT, while my son is known as an Aspie or Aspergian. ) might argue that I am anything BUT ‘normal’, my brain does function fairly typically.

The brains of people with Autism and Aspergers however, do not, and this enables them to see the world in atypical ways.

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There are a variety of methods that may be used to help your child acquire unwritten social knowledge, many of which you can read about in available reference material.

One fabulous book, from which I gained my first insights into this area, is called Identify one or more ‘safe people’ at home, school, camp, etc.

As such, in my efforts to parent successfully, I’ve had to adjust my NT thinking, to try to see the world through my son’s eyes…with his Aspie brain and unique perspectives on life. Without realizing it, neurotypical folks constantly, instantaneously and seamlessly survey the written rules or ‘hidden curriculum’ of every environment and every person [we] encounter, to make decisions about how to proceed successfully within a given context.[1] refers to a set of rules or guidelines about social behavior that are often not directly taught.

It is assumed knowledge that helps lubricate the cogs of society and enables groups of people to live, work and interact together harmoniously.

For each day of the calendar year, there is one specific need-to-know lesson.