Are you dating the right person

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If you and your partner have yet to figure this out, then it’s all on you two to decide how to go about it.

However if you already do know this fact in your relationship, then you’ve got a lot of thinking to do.

Having doubts about who your date or partner is normal, but too much of it may be a sign that you should end it altogether.

Remember that there’s no way to force a relationship to work.

I also believe he did not actually say this, at least not in these actual words, but I’m pretty sure at some point he shared a similar sentiment. I’m not a relationship doctor, but I’ve had my fair share of relationships. I’m not saying you have to date Jerry Seinfeld (or whomever the kids find funny these days, I don’t know) but if your date nights sound like the clattering of forks against plates with crickets chirping in the background, that’s a bad sign. You want someone who makes you laugh, and also someone who laughs with you, and not at you.