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He will also provide the voice of Simba in a remake of the Disney film The Lion King (2019).After several self-released albums and mixtapes, Glover signed to Glassnote Records in 2011.

Well, we were too, so The Wrap asked Pudi during the Television Critics Association press tour last week.

” Also Read: Yes, Danny Pudi ' Absolutely' Still Wants to Do a ' Community' Movie As for how he feels about his buddy’s professional milestones since “Community” ended, the “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits and Monsters” actor couldn’t be happier. Yeah, yeah it’s a big deal,” Pudi said of congratulating Glover after he won both Best Actor and Best Director at the 2017 Emmys for the freshman season of his FX series “Atlanta.” “And it’s incredible to see him, and others, like Alison [Brie], at the Golden Globes,” Pudi continued, giving a nod to another “Community” alum, who is currently starring in Netflix’s “GLOW.” “And other people just kind of move on and do different things. ” “We’re still very tight — all of us, as a group,” Pudi said. Because we went through a very strange, wonderful, up and down process. Oh, we hope they stay that way, since we’re holding out for the “movie” part of the fans’ “six seasons and a movie!

Glover played Troy Barnes, a former high school star quarterback who quickly abandons his former jock mentality and embraces his nerdy, childish side as the result of his friendship with Abed Nadir (played by Danny Pudi).

Despite speculation that he was leaving to pursue his rap career as Childish Gambino, a series of hand-written notes that Glover posted to Instagram revealed that his reasons were more personal, citing a need for projects that offered him more independence as he worked through some personal issues.

Glover was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2015, Best Rap Album for Because the Internet and Best Rap Performance for his single "3005".