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Pejić became the first transgender woman to receive the GQ Woman of The Year award, as well as the first transgender model to speak at The Oxford Union, advocating for nuclear disarmament and peace - following in the footsteps of Anna Wintour and the Dalai Lama.

For her every day, Erika is the kind of girl that prefers a white T-shirt and a pair of light jeans to a skirt, but she has no problem wearing as much (or as little) as the job calls for.

Androgynous models are reinventing themselves as opposite sex to prolong their modeling career.

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People should be celebrating their lives, whatever way they choose to live it. I don’t like walk around thinking like, ‘Oh I’m gay! So I don’t really know—I’m just here living, loving girls.” Erika has known she was not straight since she was a teenager and desperately wanted to watch “I remember when that came out and I was like 14 and I was like, I can’t watch this because my parents are going to know that I’m gay and all my friends are gonna know so I’m like ‘I can’t watch this!

’ I felt so weirded out about it because I wanted to watch it so bad but it was like ‘I can’t, they’re going to judge me!

I just got so much—this is going to sound bad—but I got so much attention from girls so I was like ‘This is fucking nice! She acknowledges that she’s a face for gay women in the modeling industry and it makes her a public figure, but she feels like she’d believe in equality just as much as if she were straight.“I’m just here living, like if I love a guy or a girl, whatever,” she said.

“Because I’ve been with guys before and so yeah it’s a weird question. ’ I think it’s fucked up when people—when you hear stories in America like ‘this person doesn’t want to serve this person at a restaurant because he’s gay.’ That’s fucked up—but I would think that if I was straight, too.

via stylecaster *** Update: Oh dear it seems I might have been a bit hasty in my as Andrej himself bless his soul has termed rush to get the ‘hawt’ scoop of the year. Anyway in all fairness to Andrej who if he doesn’t already know I adore and just brings me huge smiles when I see the hawt bixch traipse down the runway I bring you his tumblr response.