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People really feel like they lost somebody, whether they knew him or not, and I don’t take it lightly when somebody tells me their story of the first time they saw him or the one time they met him. There’s no real formula for grieving, and that is the lesson: It’s okay to be wherever you are with it. He’d walk down the sidewalk, and instead of just looking at the nicely manicured bushes in our neighborhood, he’d point out the weed growing up through the sidewalk, and he’d say, “That’s life. You put the cement over it, you do anything you can, and life always comes back.” You go on with your life, like a weed popping up through the crack in the sidewalk. So it wasn’t like I was scrambling to read books to figure out something to tell her. We had been living it the day before, we had been living it the day he died, and we continue to live it: Life is precious.

You can’t lie down and go, “My life is over too” as much as you may feel like doing that—which I do a little bit every day. It’s a huge lesson for her to know that it’s okay to be alive and to go on living and that it honors the person to live with a little bit of their light inside of you. It was a gift that he had been giving Stella forever and still gives her.

Joseph Medical Center as doctors tried to repair a dissection, or tear, in a previously undetected aneurysm in his aorta.

He had called Yasbeck from the set that afternoon, complaining of nausea and chest pains, and asked her to meet him at the hospital.

But her priority remains raising Stella and helping John’s other three children—actor Jason (), 25, and college students Carly, 23, and Tyler, 20, from his first marriage to actress Nancy Morgan—cope with their father’s death. But you can go to the place in your heart where the person still lives and kind of touch the real reason you were with that person.