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Your goals is to create a large downline that is continuously buying and selling products. It’s no secret Amway has been the subject of much controversy over the years.

One of the reasons is because of the way this opportunity is presented by many distributors: unrealistic promises of income. And out of the 3 million members in Amway, just a very minute percentage make any kind of significant income.

I had never been around so much positivity in my life. I met some of the most humblest people who were actual millionaires in the business. That’s one of the biggest things I miss about it all.

Being in an Amway business was definitely not a bad thing. So after my stint with Amway for about 1.5 years, I decided to move on.

Kind of the whole way you build this business is by selling the dream of lots of money flowing into your bank account by just working this “simple” business part-time. The reality is, many of the “top” people or leaders in Amway make the majority of their income from selling the motivation materials and tools to their downline than anything else. But you really have to learn these people skills that can take years.