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While I personally found the documentary emotionally engaging and thought-provoking in its exploration of the issue of identity and cultural connection, I wonder when the other side of this story about Amerasians will be told. I want to talk about the experience of approximately 20,000 fellows who also shared the same Amerasian-by-birth background with our character Heidi, but unfortunately never had the full opportunity to search for their true identity and social acceptance. Called "children of the dust" by the Vietnamese, Amerasians were badly mistreated and often denied basic civil rights, especially the right to have a basic education.

Amerasians -- "Children of the Dust." Vietnamese Amerasians, commonly referred to as Amerasians, are children of America's Viet Nam War.

In reality, American fathers do not want to meet their left-behind children, because of fear, embarrassment or lack of responsibility. Based on the results of various studies conducted nationally, the U. General Account Office found that half of Amerasians in America today do not know where they truly belong.

"When you go from 76 percent of these children wanting to meet their fathers to only 3 percent actually doing it, it's not hard to see where this would cause psychological problems," said Fred Bemak, professor of counselor education at Ohio State University. To the Vietnamese, they look like White and Black Americans.

Many terms that originated as gay slang have become part of the popular lexicon.