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Mixed-race background Life hasn’t always been easy for Douglas’ brother Ronnie Nells, who shares her mixed-race background.

“I was pulled over, I think, once a month for a year, and just asking where I was headed and what I was doing, or another cop would stop me,” said Ronnie Nells. Census projects the multiracial population will triple by 2060.

Now, it’s even becoming more common.” Bernard interviews parents at her school and incorporates cultural elements into the curriculum. He just brought hope that they too could be president one day,” said Sonia Smith-Kang, who is with Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC). Census actually allowed for individuals to check more than one box, so now each person was able to see, for instance, I’m Mexican and black, so I was able to check more than one box.

How to talk to children about race For the past 26 years, the advocacy group has been teaching communities how to talk to children about race. And so we’ve noticed an uptick in the amount of multiracial folks,” Smith-Kang said.

The Pew Research Center finds that 4 in 10 mixed-race Americans with black as a part of their racial makeup say they have been unfairly stopped by police. Supreme Court struck down laws that prohibited mixed marriages. In the 1970s, 1 percent of children were of mixed race. Many mixed-race Americans, including Damona Hoffman who is Russian Jewish and African American, find living in Los Angeles is much easier for biracial people than in other cities.