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But," Ansari implores the reader, "it's so, so important to remember this."When you're dating online, you're still dealing with people, and forgetting that human element is how the modern dating game has become so skewed.

Ansari refers to it as the "Flo Rida Theory of Acquired Likability Through Repetition" (and believe me when I say this makes sense if you read the book).

According to Ansari's research (and personal experience), most people go on "boring-ass dates.

You have coffee, drinks, a meal, go see a movie." But he talked with a sociologist at Stanford University whose colleagues brought their dates to a monster truck rally. It sounds a little bit absurd, but that's exactly what made it a perfect date activity."Instead of the usual boring résumé exchange," Ansari writes, "the couples were placed in an interesting environment and got to really get a sense of their own rapport." Going on interesting and unique dates like this, even if it's not actually to the monster truck rally, will "help you experience what it's really like to be with this person.""As we see more and more people online, it can get difficult to remember that behind every text message, Ok Cupid profile, and Tinder picture there's an actual living, breathing, complex person, just like you.

Ansari pulls from his own experiences, and isn't afraid to get personal.