Am i dating a psychopath quiz

He placed his hand to his chest and declared, “I’m still in love with Stacy and I miss her so.” Yet his subsequent actions belied this statement.

His so-called grieving period for the disappearance of his fourth wife was rather brief.

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The more investigators probed into the details of Drew Peterson’s personal life–particularly his turbulent relationships with women–the more they suspected that Stacy met with foul play at the hands of her husband.

In fact, Drew was recently arrested and charged with the murder of his third wife, Kathy Savio.

So it was like it was exciting.” According to Drew, they met while he was still married to his third wife. Not only did he already have a wife, but also she was his third wife.

In his own words, their affair moved “Pretty quick. They didn’t find this pattern particularly reassuring.

Drew Peterson offers a case in point in how psychopaths manage to seduce numerous desirable women in spite of their dubious reputations.

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