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I use spectra for 95% of my fishing & Red Label is what I use for my leader material. If you tie good knots & recheck your line often while fishing, you will be fine. From: Comments: Loved these jigs for river fishing in WV they will hang up easier than most jigs with heavier weed guards but the slower fall rate makes this bait trigger strikes only problem I have had is not getting some 3/8 oz can be a little difficult to get the 1/4 oz down in deeper water with current. The line is great if you take 5 seconds to check your line after a snag or landing a fish.

From: Comments: This is probably the worst line i've ever bought. For me its either this or Tatsu line but coming from the same company you'll know your not going to get let down.

Also used it for Texas rigged beaver baits, fishing along the banks & the k it's held great (uni knot) & did not miss a bass & none were under 2 lbs.

great line From: Comments: Can't believe so many people like this line.

10# I usually use for more finicky situations and 12# for when I'm fishing the pilings.

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