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He previously had affairs with Meg Frampton and Janelle Hansen and is currently married to Lisa [email protected] from's not about a girl who died. The day of the first ever Alternative Press Music Awards has finally come.

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A further connection, coincidence or otherwise, is that Telulah attends the fictional Huntville High School in the movie and Mrs. See more » The film does center around the main character, who happens to be a fan girl.

She and I are in the same fandom but I think her whole notice me senpai thing that they have needs to tone down a bit.

A salvo of huffy 140-character-or-less outbursts from Gaskarth followed, all of which have since been deleted (the last one being Brb, building a castle wall and moat outside my house.

Archers will fire at anyone who doesn’t know the password.

But as the night goes on, he learns more about her and by the end of it, he realizes she's so much more than that and how hard he's really fallen for her. Both Paramore and Bring Me the Horizon have recently finished recording their new albums that are set to be released in a few months.