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Fans play a big role by submitting proposals to Franklin and others, then creating elaborate exhibits for the show, such as remote-controlled droids or realistic X-wing fighters.

An amateur Boba Fett once jet-packed into the Celebration in 2007.

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She soon become president, and grew the club with trivia games and a weekly newsletter emailed to 7,000 subscribers in 23 countries.

While living there, she kept an impressive collection of "Star Wars" figurines in her gym and organized everything from intergalactic parties -- complete with themed cocktails -- to the "Star Ladies," professional women who traveled to Las Vegas from all points of the globe for "The Phantom Menace" opening in 1999.

Most of the animals appear to be from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs whereas the action of the animals interacting with clothing comes from Sleeping Beauty.

Some animated shows give reference to Disney movies, for example in Shrek with Fiona singing.

Besides running a small communications business, Franklin had been a weight trainer, fished commercially and done a short stint penguin wrangling in Antarctica.