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The Ashley Madison data dump is posted to the open web, making its information readily searchable on several public websites.

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So, instead of cracking the slow Bcrypt algorithm, they simply brute-forced the MD5 tokens of respective accounts, which allowed the Password Cracking team to effectively obtain 11.2 Million passwords in plaintext format.

Ashley Madison, a website for those who are interested in committing adultery, has made headline after headline in recent weeks after a hacking group penetrated its servers and published the information of all 37 million users online.

If you are single and wish to meet an attached person, you're probably going to have to try a little harder. We suggest that you remain patient and keep trying."Like most dating sites, anyone can sign up for free and peruse local members.

What was different (and a bit disturbing) was that I was presented with six "specially selected" members in my area after having signed up - but none of the members could be found again in my town after I chose to skip sending them a wink. I tried to find this information both by searching the internet, searching Ashley Madison and by hanging out on the site for a few hours to see if anyone instant messaged me. Perhaps one of you has had more experience with the site and knows the answer to this question, but in my case, I honestly don't know.

Credits can be used for a number of things, and different actions cost different numbers of credits: The site accepts credits cards, Pay Pal, Interac money transfer, mail, courier or Western Union as payment.