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And Hanson’s latest song, “I Was Born,” released this summer, is as catchy as anything the band has done.

NPR praised it as nothing short of “fantastic.” They do know music, having made their most formative connection via a Time/Life anthology of 1958 hits purchased by their parents.

“They used it, they got what they wanted out of it and then they’ve done things completely on their own terms, without worrying about any other metrics except their own. As kids, the boys would overhear the whispers among the mothers at their church. In 1997, when famed director Gus Van Sant approached Hanson as a fan and proposed making their next video, Goldberg put in a call to their father, Walker.

They could have done other things to make more money, but they put their personal happiness and contentment first.” If you were there that summer, you couldn’t avoid it. He wanted to make sure they were OK being associated with the director of “My Own Private Idaho.” “I told them about Gus and explained that he was gay and told them about some of the movies he’s made,” Goldberg says.

Except, for many, he is still Zac, the adorable, shaggy-haired preteen pounding out “MMMBop.” The drummer in a boy band that sold 10 million copies of its 1997 debut album, performed on “Saturday Night Live” and the Grammys and at the World Series (all in the same year), and appeared on the cover of Tiger Beat with teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas.