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Maybe on the periphery of your vision you can see people.You’re trying to come around the corner aware of where your competition is. This is the human performance lab that I have and my physiology classroom here in Stillwater, Minnesota, and I’d like to talk to you today about how to run the 800 meter and a little bit about developing a race plan.

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I might stick them up in a longer race where maybe their concentration’s a little stronger or at least there’s more room to make up for errors that might occur.

The real problem with the 800 is if there is a problem, there’s no time to make up for it.

Now, those of you that have a pasta meal the night before a race and load up on pasta and have all of those various team bonding things and you need to load up on all this pasta, please realize that the 800 meters and the energy required is about equal to three-fourths of a banana, so you really don’t have to load up too much for it.

It’s 90 calories, of which 45 calories will be processed in the mitochondria, thus in the aerobic system, and 45 calories will be processed anaerobically. We’ve got middle distance runners, and we have distance runners that may move down.

Now, when you get over here, this seldom happens, but I’ve drawn it this way, all three being equal.