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At this point in the tablet's evolution, most devices can reliably offer sharp screens, vivid cameras for photos and videos, and access to myriad video, music, apps and books.We've chosen these standout devices for overall functionality, reliability and price.

For those partial to reading, the mini may be a better choice (I can't be the only one with bruises on my nose where my i Pad has whacked me after I've drifted to sleep while reading in bed), but for video consumption the larger screen offers fantastic clarity.

The depth of inventory at i Tunes and the App Store is nearly unmatched, and it's easy to navigate.

Consumers have purchased more than 170 million i Pads in the past three years.

Competition is now stiffer than ever, but the i Pad still sets the standard.

Apple released this blockbuster update on Tuesday together with a huge selection of new features and improvements over the old OS, given your i Phone and i Pad a shiny new look and feel.

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