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However, it does strike me as though someone might just revert back to the "But I'm not a racist" rhetoric, at least at first.

I wonder what George Lakoff would have to say about changing the racism conversation.

In my classroom I have conversations with my kids all the time about accountable language and addressing what people say rather than what they are.

You just gave me something to show on the first day of school. I'm really glad to see something like this crop up on the internet; I feel its what the internet was meant for - spitting out knowledge. Thanks.| time to make some plans for the future and time to be happy.

I think many WPs (obviously not all) are so very sensitive about this issue that the mere insinuation that you might be thinking about considering the idea that they are racist just leads to a downward spiral of the conversation and the knee-jerk reactions that CSRealist cites at the end of his/her comment.