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She graduated from Bemidji State University where she met her husband, Valdin Val Buchmeier, and they were married in 1973.

Carrie was fun-loving with a great sense of humor; if there was fun going on she was involved, many times the instigator.

But most of all Carrie was Nana, and she had no greater love then for the three little granddaughters down in Illinois, of which she made the distance much closer with the i Pad by Face-Timing them on a regular basis.

Dual knee surgery in the 8th grade ended her gymnastics, and this physical limitation would prove to limit her life of physical activity; sports and career that she loved so well.

Carrie was a free-spirited soul, passionate, compassionate, with strong convictions and beliefs and a limited ability to filter. Carrie is survived by her husband, Troy Gorans; her four children, Bailey (and Wes) Brooke of St.

Unfortunately, Carrie was no stranger to pain and discomfort, suffering from a long list of various injuries and ailments during her life.

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