Adult attachment working models and relationship quality in dating couples Live sax came chate

Bartholomew’s four styles are the: 1) Secure ( S, O); 2) Dismissing ( S, -O); 3) Preoccupied (-S, O); and 4) Fearful (-S, -O).

Feeney and Noller (1996) stated that although they “know of no published empirical work integrating all three components of romantic bonds (attachment, caregiving, and sexuality), such work will undoubtedly be carried out.

This integrative approach offers the promise of a comprehensive theory of romantic love.” (p. Attachment, then, is best conceptualized as a metarelationship concept which incorporates all the universal bonding forces that make up human love and closeness.

and Shaver, P., 1987) They found that there was continuity between the infant’s early experience of attachment and the style of attachment experienced in adult relationships.

Their study supported and expanded the typology developed by Ainsworth and her colleagues.

“Love,” “trust,” “commitment,” “affection,” “emotion,” “dependence,” “needs,” and “intimacy” are among a few of the terms which overlap the concept of attachment.