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Adams is expected to return for the musically inclined sequel and current plans are to get the picture filming before the summer of next year.

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That's somewhat surprising, considering how invested Cruise seem in the film, an adaptation of the popular Broadway musical about a small-town girl (Julianne Hough), her barback boyfriend (Diego Boneta) and the denizens of the Sunset Strip club, The Bourbon Room.

Here, Shankman takes us through the process of casting Cruise as well as how he brought the musical production of "Rock of Ages" to your local movie theater (something he also did with the musical version of "Hairspray").

The truth is, these guys were not "bulls in a china shop" -- they were children who were never alone. When they got off stage, one step off stage, and their lives went to hell. You mention the audience experience of the musical.

If you notice in the stage production, Stacee never had any one around him. Are you worried that might be hard to recreate in a movie theater?

What happened was -- totally the truth -- I was developing a few projects.