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When we assemble a jigsaw puzzle, the goal is to use all pieces without discarding any, or distorting their shape to "make them fit" — so we'll get the correct picture.

Similarly, in this page our goal is to use all of the pieces (everything we know about the relevant theology and science) in an effort to get an accurate picture of what really happened in the early history of humans. Age of the Earth: Almost all scientists think there is overwhelming scientific evidence from a wide range of fields — including studies of sedimentary rocks, coral reefs, fossil patterns in geological context, seafloor spreading & magnetic reversals, radioactive dating, development of stars, starlight from faraway galaxies, plus genetic molecular clocks and more — providing multiple independent confirmations strongly showing (beyond any reasonable doubt) that the earth and universe are very old, with ages of 4.5 and 13.7 billion years, respectively.

Is an old earth theologically impossible because it would require death before sin?

Does this young-earth claim have any theological support when we carefully study what the Bible says about ANIMAL DEATH AND HUMAN SIN?

Unresolved Scientific Questions: Although most scientists — based on their careful examination of evidence from a wide range of fields, including fossils and genetics — agree in most ways, and they have reached a confident consensus about their major questions, some scientists disagree in some ways about some details.